Payment solutions to empower individuals to achieve more

We provide state-of-the-art physical, virtual and biometric payment solutions for end-user authentication. Our customers can seamlessly integrate it into various business processes, ensuring secure and efficient transactions.

Our Solutions

A simple, user-friendly, and secure solution for businesses to manage and monitor purchased prepaid and transactional debit cards


CashPay provides financial inclusion to individuals who cannot open bank accounts.

This card promotes financial inclusion and provides a safer alternative to cash or payments into other individuals’ accounts for retrieval.


DigiPay is our virtual card offering which card holders receive via email or SMS.

Create virtual cards and distribute them in seconds from the Oracle Pay portal via email or SMS. Remove any need to use your business or personal credit card online. Generate as many virtual cards as needed for a more controlled and safer payment method.


A card with advanced features designed for international spending, offering financial inclusion for those unable to open a bank account yet needing to spend across borders.

Give your staff the freedom to choose with a BeyondPay card, usable nationwide at any retail outlet or online platform of their choosing.

Our Offering

Our platform lets you load funds onto cards without using your banking or payroll systems.

Our platform allows you to load cash onto physical or virtual cards without the need for banking or payroll systems. These cards can be used at any merchant terminal, to withdraw cash from ATMs, or to make online purchases from anywhere in South Africa.

Card Use Cases

Swipe, tap, insert, withdraw, and make online purchases from anywhere in South Africa.


Salary, wages, casual labour, unbanked


Petty cash, fuel, subsistence allowance, ad hoc payments

Incentives & Rewards

Spivs, milestones, performance, and long service awards

Subscription Services

Disney Plus, Netflix, Dstv, Showmax, Amazon Prime, Apple Music and more

Health & Safety

Mining, Construction and Manufacturing

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